The project was presented as part of the parallel program of the
8th Moscow Biennale of contemporary art 2019
It was exhibited at the Fashion Museum in Moscow
from November 06 to December 01
The project #butfly explores the process of metamorphosis occurring in the mind and emotional body of a person when there comes a metaphysical need for a transition to the new level of individual development. During the life, the potential accumulates within all of us. All the metaphysical aspects of being push people to the realization of this potential. At its highest peak, the individual feels the pressure of an "external limitation" on "internal expansion" (the stagnation of potential). The author is sure: this process of metamorphosis has three phases: Anger, Pain, Freedom.
The artist reviews her theory at the metaphorical prism of the butterfly's biological metamorphosis. The artist stars as the image of a caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly by mimicking their habitat. The filming has taken place in the forest during the conscious practice of a 10-day fast. In this process, the artist experiences three basic states (anger, pain, and freedom). There is a complete rebirth at all levels of the individual.
This video installation pushes the above-described photo project and interprets it with the help of the modern multimedia language. The main goal is to visually convey the states experienced by the author during the phases proposed above. That experience is shown with the help of deformations of the 3D model of the artist's physical body.
Performance is a collaboration of the artist with other participants, each of whom represents a separate "link" of a single process - metamorphosis. Viewers are also part of this process.
The concept is based on the idea of the irreversibility and cyclical nature of human transformation and describes the metamorphosis of the individual towards internal psychological, psychosomatic and spiritual freedom (absolute freedom - AF). This process includes two more previous states that a person passes through before to feel AF: anger and pain.
video art #butfly August'19
performans "metamorphoses" July'19
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